MS Excel is a powerful tool where many users may not be aware and /or do not have the technical knowledge to tap on its full capabilities. It is far beyond the applications of macro commands. With programming in Visual Basics for Application (VBA), MS Excel can be set for automated tasks, produce reports, perform analyses and construct intelligent applications.  It can help improve efficiency, productivity and enhance accuracy in your operations, planning, analysis, reporting and control.

If you are caught in some of these situations below, please consult us.  We can offer you affordable solutions that are practical, easy to implement and maintain.

• Is business cost too high to afford a total ERP system in management and reporting?

• Is there too much scattered data residing in various systems all over your organization?

• Are you going through lots of manual work to organize your data from all over the place to support reporting?

• Are you wasting too much time to prepare and check the accuracy of your reports with little time left to analyse?

• Do you need help to build more Excel based interactive models where instant changes in numbers can present various results for decision making?

• Do you wish to view updated reports by just a click of a button?

• Do you hope to use Excel to interact with the rest of your applications?

• Do you want a customised application built on Excel to carry out your job more effectively? 

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