We primarily specialise in customised programming and modeling on MS Excel platform.  We also render programming services on Dot Net platform.  Below is an outline of the types of services we offer.  It is best that  you speak to us directly so that we can specifically design and customize a solution that fits your operation requirements and business needs.


• Automate reports that require too much resources to perform manually.

• Automate processes by incorporating sophisticated programme logic on your current or new platform.


• Transform unstructured text data into structured excel data capable of converting into useful reports.

• Perform complex data cleansing using complex programmatical discretion logic.

• Perform data validation and verification.


• Build user interface “unlimited users” in MS Excel with database in MS Access (ADO==>OLEDB).

• Build your customised transactional software that is capable of interfacing with existing applications and / or use as stand alone enhancement.  See our products >>>

• Build an inventory replenishment module.

• Supplement the existing ERP system (e,g, enhance the warehouse pick / receive route).

• Build analytical and interactive reports.

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